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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  January 25, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> this is a fox news alert. airline plane with 85 passengers on board crashed into the mediterranean sea shortly after taking off from a beirut airport. they lost all contact with the plane about 45 minutes after it took off. there is no word yet on whether there were any survivors. i am kimberly guilfoyle i will continue to update you on any developments in this story. >> live and at large, no matter what you think of his politics academy award winner sean penn has a heart and right now it's breaking. >> still phase one injuries and traumas. broken legs are suddenly becoming compound. >> perhaps a new foundry respect for the united states military. >> the military i have been dealing with the 82nd air porn the me aspiring to a new level. >> as the official body count in
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the haiti earthquake surpasses 150,000 frustration over the pass of relief. >> we have doctors at the airport and we have a nurse here that said she had 8 tons of medical supplies already on three planes in chicago that she cannot get flown in here. >> i certainly feel their str frustration. i see it on the streets. i go out every day. >> desperate, hungry and some just grieving looters go through the ruins taking everything not tied down. tonight we focus on the angels striving to redeem hell on the earth. also tonight kimberly has the latest on drew peterson, the sex clinic trying to tame the tiger and jay leno striking back. we begin in haiti with the latest. >> hi everybody welcome to a place that every american indeed every person of goodwill should be proud of. the amazing emergency medical
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center erected by project medishare part of university of miami global institute. behind me the dormitory for doctors. coming up my exclusive interview with academy award winning actor sean penn and senior military officer in the region lieutenant general gean he was here when the earthquake struck. this activity going on now is perhaps not as profoundly important to the relief effort as others, but these are the doctors after t and nurses and volunteer therapists who came down from haiti to help out. they are watching the same vikings game on our computer and the score as you know -- is it still tied yet? >> yes. >> mostly vikings fans, right? >> yeah, okay. >> we will get to them later but before i take another step i want to give those of you who watched the program last night
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an important update that desperately anxious denver colorado parents, the group of parents of the harrises richard and lisa harris, this is the story of what happened to their little boy lost. >> the problem is we appreciate every single individual working on the situation. the individual sitting at the embassy individual sitting at cis the individuals making it happen. but the lack of organization from the very top is what is creating this problem. >> rick and lisa harris have been reunited with the son they have been adopted here in haiti. he was unbeknownst to the family air lifted out of here yesterday from the orphanage but because of a clerical error the parents didn't know that until they heard it from us on the show last night. >> we are hearing from you, you, the very first time that we have only one child that is there. >> we don't know where our
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children are. >> that's enough. >> we have heard all day both children are at masa noshg that davidson has got on the plane. >> today in denver the enormously relieved parents held their son safely in their arms. they want only for davidson's sister gimara to join them in denver. there are so many children in need of loving parents. >> this is natalie. they think she was 2 years old. she was left outside the orphanage two-days after the earthquake she had a sign on her little body, i have nothing please take care of this child. >> this baby is going to our makeshift hospital where we are receiving orphaned children and other children that can't find their parents. >> run by the world's harvest mission which is my new absolutely favorite haitian based relief organization i wish there were hundreds more orphanages just like this one. >> every one of these children have been rescued orphaned abandoned diseased,
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malnutritions many came on boats 18 hours away almost dead. when they come here they are giving -- given loving care like four months they are like other children so happy. >> these are the children who have some hope hope, but rememb this is also a story of the dead. the official body count exceeds 150,000. rick lever enfall senior correspondent was there when they found one. >> this is a four-story bank and office building reduced to rubble when the earth violently shook her 12 days ago. >> the telephone, mike wave, we can start getting close to that we know we are right above them. we try to clean all of it off we go through the looser stuff because we can be more gentle with that pick through that
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until we come across a body. >> the smell of death is nearly overwhelming. three of the li nine bodies wer sitting in the hot son a day later. a contractor frommal am bau explains -- alabama explains w. >> pem are picking bodies up themselves putting them in bags. >> these are people. they have been lying out here all night. dogs are -- >> some have been lying for 12 days. >> the dogs and chickens both getting in to them. >> the person doing the contractor work says it was done fast. one victim found sitting in his chairs the others only had time to throw their arms up as they crashed. >> as potential valuables are uncovered some move in grab the stuff and carry it off with no security. >> despite the stench children fly kites steps away while others build temporary home sites. >> careful digging the excavator
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a tenth woman who appeared to die a picture of a child in her hand. >> this is grim work. >> yes, it is. but it's kind of rewarding to help the families get out and loved ones because otherwise they would be left here. >> with 150,000 with what you saw today where is this count going? >> there are so many buildings geraldo like the one we visited today that are crushed completely or pancaked down that they haven't been able to get to yet. >> one of the things we learned is many of the builders weren't using a strong enough cement mix they were cutting corners if you will. the con treat wasn't as strong as it should have been which is why much of it crumbled during this earthquake. >> 150,000, 200 thousand? >> easily. i would not be surprised if it topped 250. >> horrifying. >> my next guest is someone who urked a lot of people especially in the united states with his
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forays into foreign policy with mahmoud ahmadinejad and hugo chavez and sadam hussein. the actor sean penn academy award winner came down here and told me he has a new foundry respect for the united states military and what the united states is doing to help the haitian people. here is my interview with sean penn. >> your reaction? >> it's harsh. >> you think people understand the extent of the catastrophe here? >> i think on one level they do. i think in a lot of these situations you have a kind of phase one in the center of the city the most recognizable city and it has to be said the military is doing the most extraordinary job. the mission has been so centered on port-au-prince that some of the other areas are in complicated situations. it had to be continually
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reported that port-au-prince is not all of the issue. port-au-prince has major emergencies and infections and disease concerns and all of that. in terms of the story and the press i think it's important it's followed up in the circles that surround port-au-prince there's still phase one injuries and draum -- traumas, broken legs are becoming compound and bones are breaking out of the skin and infections are coming. people are dying by the thousands. i think yes, right now they have a good idea what's being reported on the center. i think the positive reporting the reporting of positive actions by the united states and you and i are two americans talking i can say has been unbelievable, unbelievable. and meant and felt the military people got me aspiring to a new
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level. however the mission still is contained in a focused public epicenter. there are masses of people in some of the outlying areas. >> do you worry given the -- i don't want to be harsh about it but the fickle nature of the public attention that the spot lit will shift off haiti the lead story in the news the other day was the floods in los angeles. haiti is ticking down on the list of priorities? do you worry if the attention and compassion and concern will fade far before the need is taken care of? >> it is almost certain that's going to happen. many of us will try hard not to have that happen. there is going to be issues of rebuilding and all of that.
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it has had needs for a great time i hope it refocuses this is one of our neighbors. >> the ambassador tore tells us how he is faring. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back live in this sea of despair. this is a beacon of hope inconsideredible emergency medical center on the fringe of the airport at port-au-prince haiti's earthquake ravaged capital joining me from washington, d.c. the ambassador to haiti to the united states. ambassador joins me as does executive director of the united nations world food program. how can you bare it? how are you holding up?
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>> well the out pouring solidarity of the people of the united states in the world has been able to hold me up. i am saying thank you knotted only in my name but the name of the government of haiti the foreign minister told me more than once don't forget eerie time you have a chance to say thank you. we have been really heartened by the response to this crisis. and we know we are going to get through. we are goi going to get through. >> i hope from your lips to god's ears, dsh director shiran tremendous frustration a lot of hungry people out there. om considerable anger about the
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lack of food supplies. weeke can we report that will be accelerated? >> i just got back from haiti was living in a tent with our staff there 90 percent of whom lost their homes are sleeping in the streets and delivering food during the day. we have gotten 10 million meals ow but it's not enough. the needs are so enormous. as you know it's a logistics nightmare there. getting food in from around the world, getting it to people the communication systems are broken the roads are broken the ports are broken. the relief workers themselves have been deeply affected. one of the lead workers lost his son and within hours was delivering food to save other lives. in the midst of this there are great heroic stories i spent many hours are general keen and i have to offer the greatest respect to his work and the 82nd air porn and other people
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working there to help get this lifeline moving at a bigger scale. >> can you, though, in a practical sense, given the broken infrastructure even in the worst of times with all due respect to the ambassador this is a country where anarchy confusion and chaos also ruled i am shocked and heartened by the resiliency of the haitian people and the vast majority are being stoic and resilient and yet they are hungry. >> i think people don't know the haitian people. they have been close to us. they keep talking about encouraged haitians. they have been heroic from day one. it's the people who rule in 1801, 1803 we defeated the mighty french army.
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helped the rest of the world at the time to give independence. these people are heroic. when people talk about violence, haiti they are peaceful people. yes it's human to want to have something when you are dying of hunger but the haitian people are not that violent. the statistics are there to prove that # murder rate in haiti is less than any other country of it's size. even less than the united states. >> we want it to stay that way. we want to give you our best michigans and warmest regard. i want to thank you and j joset. i want you to follow me in all of the anecdotes and vignettes of the volunteers this one is
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senatoring. this is dad and sons -- introduce yourself. >> i am a general surgesurgeon. >> applying for medical residency. >> you must be pretty proud to be here with your two boys. >> i am very proud. >> it is fox xanl i was looking at and the hope ministries i was pleading with general surgeon that's how i lined up. i called my sons and i called only one son the other got very upset. he came over. his passport was in a bank it was closed cancel one ticket we have a flight. >> you are here with your sons the doctors. we will be back after this commercial break.
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>> one of the thousands, thousands of patients sleep along side him being treated at the fantastic facility. even here there are some logistical problems log jams outside of here it is far worse even the salvation army one of the most incredible organizations on earth which has been here for decades has been frustrated by the lack of supplies reaching them as brother craig reports. >> the salvation army as a 60 year history in port-au-prince and lucian has been working here 12 years. they have about 10,000 r refuge result of the earthquake. tell me about this place. what's happening?
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>> we go to salvation army they come here as refugees. >> this tent city is one of the worst in port-au-prince. people who have little now have absolutely nothing. >> you can see they are building their own tent. >> one of the problems with the earthquake is it's unknown how many victims there are. one of the things that the salvation army volunteers they are taking an impromptu census they are going from tent to tent to try to figure out what families are here so far more than 1600 families have been counted. they estimate they will be feeding and providing medical care to over 2,000 homeless families. what are we seeing here? >> people cooking, people cleaning. >> the biggest challenge facing the salvation army and other aid organizations is getting the massive amounts of food pouring
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into that country to the mouths of the hungry. >> one of the problems with the food distribution is security. there are logistics you come out to the streets with food an these people mass around and they are hungry and desperate. >> they are resulting in brazen looting. the home of the deceased archbishop was stripped clean. >> it's 6 hours since the designated time of the food drop was supposed to be made. the u.n. apair aren'tly canceled they couldn't arrange the he can't. no security, no food. these people go hungry one more day. >> this was a false alarm. troops from the 82nd airborne was only looking for future distribution drops. a u.n. escorted convoy expected by the salvation ar army all da canceled. they will go one more day without food. >> it is a big problem. you can't have the food without
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security, it would be fatal. >> how absolutely frustrating. the food drop never happened. >> that's right, geraldo. i am with major cedric hills with the salvation army's international headquarters. you have a million and a half meals sitting on the ground. you haven't been able to distribute food for over a week. why? are you frustrated? >> we are very frustrated. the challenge in the place the extent of devastation is something i have never seen in 50 years of disaster work around the world. the loss of logistics and loss of life in those in coordination have made it a difficult disaster to respond to. >> we have the assess am teams and tent camp behind to find out what they need we worked hard to set up the responsibilitieses
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and learned at the end of the day. >> cedric told me the 82nd air po born team offering some assistance and security. things are looking up some what. back to you, geraldo. >> i hope so, craig. >> coming up, kimberly has drew peterson and the latest on tiger woods and the haitian hero from "heroes".
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